Wondering who’s voicing Donald Trump’s attributes… why he’s doing so well in the poles?

If your anything like me, from a country other than the US, you might not understand the popularity of a bloke sporting a big mouth, an even bigger completely arrogant ego… and a dead “red beaver” on his head.

I don’t understand people at the best of times, so when a significant percentage of the population of the biggest economy in the world makes a noise, I have a bit of a trawl of the internet to try and understand what makes them tick.

The surprising thing is the similarities to many of the people, interest groups and fringe communities right here in OZ (Australia).

Certainly the last Federal election, sent a few rockets up the backside of the dominant parties, with more than one group of loose cannons getting a toe-hold in our Parliament.

People have had enough of scheming, over-bearing, greedy and sanctimonious windbags, egotistically prattling on with constant bombardment of the great unwashed, as to what we need to do to “Make this country great”, conveniently forgetting, accidently or otherwise, that we don’t all come from the comfortable side of town.

As with the support for minor and unconventional parties here, there is a significant shared feeling from Trump supporters, that they been left behind by the generation-long transition, from the world of manufacturing, to the fast moving information-driven economy.

With the collapse of local manufacturing and the reliance of importation, many feel they are without a guaranteed place in the work force, are unemployed or underemployed, and cannot see any future improvement.

Recent US Census Bureau statistics also reveals stark evidence of simmering racial tension in the workplace and the community.

When asked about their ancestors, some respondents don’t answer “English, German, Mexican” Instead, they simply answer “American.”

Statistically, on the surface, Trump’s grass root supporters are uneducated and very nationalistic.

Demographic and economic variables from census predicts a high level of Trump’s support lay with white folk dealing with long-simmering economic dysfunctions.

The data reveals a significant percentage of his support group as,

  • White with no high school diploma
  • Claim ancestry as “American”
  • Are living in a mobile home
  • Reliant on “Old economy” jobs including agriculture, construction and manufacturing

While Trump does have some support among the affluent and educated, support for him appears strongest with

  • The white population that didn’t finish high school
  • Working-age adults who neither have a job nor are looking for one
  • People living in mobile homes.

Quoting William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

“’It’s a nonurban, blue-collar and now apparently quite angry population… not people who have moved around a lot, and things have been changing away from them, but they live in areas that feel stagnant in a lot of ways.’”

Blindingly obvious, that the importance of accessible education for all becomes apparent.

There is also underlying resentment that foreigners and immigrants have changed their way of life, and as a consequence, racial tensions simmer close to the surface.

To summarize four theories that may go some way to explain the rise and rise of Donald Trump, and who his supporters might be,

  • They Don’t Think They Have a Political Voice
  • They Didn’t Go to College
  • They Live in Parts of the Country with Racial Resentment
  • They Want to Wage an Interior War Against Outsiders
  • Donald Trump is saying what they want to hear!!!

It may be hurtful, it may be ignorant, it may be racist, it may not be factual, it may be the politics of hatred and fear, but it’s what fearful and politically disengaged people want to hear.

These undereducated, struggling and low economically influential Folks, deserve to be heard by all level of politics.

History reveals these people were the backbone of the US, prior to the evolution of technology and trade deals that have devastated their employment opportunities.

While the “BIG” end of town concerns itself with margins, profits, stocks, and interest rates, these people are concerned feeding their kids.

This type of struggling existence, is the fertile ground for mental health problems leading to depression, substance abuse and all that follows in its wake.

Anyone not in the position these people have found themselves, has the right to judge.

They have been ignored so long that perhaps “the powers that be” had forgotten they existed. The big end of town media has taken to branding them radical amongst other things. The most disgusting and demeaning of which is the arrogant, “White trailer trash”.

The land of OZ, the UK and Europe, have witnessed similar growing support for that same mold of politics evolving in recent times.

It may not be as in your face as the “Trumpinator”, however, the politics of hate and fear are making inroads into the minds of the disenchanted globally.

So Folks, how will the world look in the near future???

Do we close our eyes and carry on as usual, do we hide the awful truth that some claim its ok to judge and ignore the down-trodden?

Will a revolution of the common people topple the systems as we know it, with or without bloodshed???

Will the “Trumpinator” save the world from itself??????????

Questions, questions, questions… and plenty of them.

Answers… well… no ideas here.


The Alien Afilliate (1 “f” only)






2 thoughts on “THE TRUMPINATOR

  1. It’s the time of screaming underclass to have their say! Political parties across the world have been a law unto themselves for to long. Viva the REVOLUTION!!!!!

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