Hi Fellow Travellers.

I’m a 62 year young novice who really has no idea why he wants to blog, but seeing every man/woman and their dog does it,

I thinking why the hell not.

I could tell you about the tales of a fabulous life, mass riches, wild times… but I’d be lying.

I’m a very ordinary person, with a very ordinary past, living one ordinary day at a time.



OK here’s where the water gets a little murky .


Sometimes I just don’t “Get” the world and how the species behaves, so I’m thinking I must be from another planet…

(Planet X???)

What I’d like to do is dredge around the NET for obscure, insane stuff that people do and share it with you.

Of course it will be heavily littered  with my opinions, sarcasms, and hopefully a bit of weird humour… for which I’m often and roundly criticised, by my family, as being inappropriate…

But it hasn’t stopped be being inappropriate.


Hope you’ll join me in the Cosmic Funhouse.

Cheers, Dave the

Alien Afilliate… (1 f 2 l)